Friday, August 17, 2007

Maine at Last

We are now living in Bethel Maine on Songo Pond (in Colorado it would be called a lake but Yanks are masters of understatement). The weather has been alternating between gorgeous, warm and sunny and pouring rain and so far none of the humid heat you often get in the summer here. We have been doing lots of boating, swimming, blueberry picking, biking and hiking. We had a great outing with my parents the other day, Dave and I biked to Step Falls and kids and grandparents drove there (18 miles). Step Falls is a Nature Conservancy Preserve with a creek that forms cool pools with natural rock slides flowing in to them. The water is frigid but it is worth it to take a slide, splash in and jump out again (see photo of Nana and Cass about to take the plunge). Nana and Pop then rode home (downhill :)) and we drove with the kids stopping to buy a homemade raspberry pie from a self serve roadside kiosk and again to buy 25 cent creamsicles from a little store - very Maine. The highlight of the week for Toby and Dave was a trip to the venerable Fenway Park to see the Red Sox in action against the Devil Rays. Toby outfitted himself for the big day (the night before!) in his Sox outfit - blue shorts, blue Sox shirt, Sox hat and then asked me - "do we have something I could paint my face blue with and put a red B on my face"? Though the Sox lost, it was a great game and he loved the whole Fenway experience with Meme and Dave's Aunt Glee (another rabid Sox fan) - Fenway Frank, blue cotton candy, massive pretzel etc (see photo ). My sister and family arrive tomorrow night and our kids cant wait. They are a little starved for playmates.

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Heather said...

Yeah for fun summertime action! Love the updates and pictures.