Monday, September 3, 2007

To the Coast!

Today is Labor Day and we are thinking of all of you as school probably starts up for most (who havent already started) tomorrow. Temperatures here are cooling down and letting us know that our time in Maine is coming to a close. We will head to Vermont to live with Dave's mom on Wednesday and sadly say goodbye to the Lake house and summer fun. Labor Day weather here was great and we did a lot of swimming and sailing with my parents.

Last week we had a great treat - meeting up with our Carbondale friends the Gavettes in Bath Maine at the house they rented. Toby and Cassidy were ecstatic to be with their two best friends Levi and Gretta again and we all had a blast reconnecting. Lori is on sabattical from CRMS as well so we all bonded over the wonderful but odd limbo we all find oursevles in for this hiatus. We spent two full days at Popham beach (where the Costler flick "Message in a bottle" was filmed") with perfect beach weather. Toby learned to boogie board and was so into the ocean that we had to drag him home sand drenched at the end of the day. He got pummeled so hard by one wave that he came up with a full sand helmet but went right back out for more. Cassidy tried it to, but just on the little waves and had fun. Their house was on a small pond and a few minutes from Dam Cove where the kids slipped in the mud and caught hermit crabs. The third day we were there the 8 of us rented sea kayaks and explored around and then we took our kids to the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath - lots of cool ship models (cassidy thought it all smelled bad :) ). Then we headed south to Gorham Maine to see our good friend from Bowdoin, Renate and her husband Sean and kids Madeleine and Alex (10 and 8). Toby and Alex bonded hard over legos and Madeleine pulled out all her Barbies and horses for Cassidy so both kids were in heaven!! Finally back to Bethel with so very tired kids!!

Next post will come from Vermont!!! Hope you are all doing well. Drop us a comment so we know if people are reading these or not :)

Shannon, Dave, Toby and Cassidy

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Caroline said...

Hey Meyers! Great to hear about your travels! Call when you get to VT--802-388-6436. We would love you see you guys and given a crazy Fall schedule (full of ski training, weddings, and birthday parties) we'd love to set something up in advance. Can't wait to see you guys. xo caroline