Sunday, October 21, 2007

September in Vermont

Toby and Cassidy in the cornfield and with their new friend Hannah Smith in the leaf pile.

Highlights of September include: going to the Montshire science museum (LOTS!), having a harvest party with cider pressing, doughnut bobbing, pumpkin carving (check out our awesome scarecrow. . . ). Shannon started working for Lyme Timber in Hanover NH and rides her bike the 20 hilly miles to work about once a week (dodging wild turkeys!). Dave visiting the White Mountain School, Gould Academy, KUA, the Mountain School and climbed in North Conway with his new climbing partner Bob. Toby has made a friend who lives down the hill, a 1st grader named Micah. Cassidy and Toby play really well together and share a friend - Hannah, our friend Tao's daughter, who is 6 and is in half day kindergarten and comes over usually once a week.

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