Saturday, December 1, 2007

Its December?!

Top is Cass in her new dress like the indigenous women and girls here where watching the independence day parade. It went on ALL Day! We only watched for 2 hrs but heard there were a total of 69 bands - lots of drumming!!

Above is Cassidy touching a Kinkajou at the animal rescue center we visited and toby looking at Macy, the Howler monkey in a diaper who was playing tag with them!

Left is a picture of the building our school is in.
We are tired after our first full week of school but happy. The town is great, weather is nice though today is the first day of dry season and we have had a fair amount of rain. But when it rains it usually only pours at night and mists during the day. Great temperture. We have met a few american kids here and had 2 play dates - one with a local girl who only spoke spanish and one with an american boy who was very wild (kicked out of school here already!) The kids like their school and we think their teacher is a saint but it is hard to get them to go in the morning. Dave went rock climbing (!!) yesterday witha guide and of course made friends with him and will go again for free. He was with 5 columbians so practiced lots of spanish. I hope to go climb the local volcano next weekend which the director of the school doesnt think is appropriate for women (!!!!). Tomorrow we are going bird watching (dave early, us a bit later to join him). Cant believe we are half way through our time in Boquete - I feel a lot of pressure to learn spanish faster and faster!!


Matt said...

Nice shots! Especially love the pink rainboots on Cass with the local dress. I'm sure she'll be setting the trend; all the local girls will have pink rainboots this season.

Pretty chilly in Vermont these days. We've had some snow & the mountains were open for skiing over the Thanksgiving holiday. Not 10 inches, though. We're expecting the first big snowstorm over the next day or two. Hopefully we'll catch up to your buddies out west!

Very impressed that Dave-O found some climbing. Who knew? And good luck with the volcano, Shannon. Inappropriate, indeed. I'm still trying to get over the fact that you wear pants.

Look forward to reading/seeing more. Take care!

Caroline said...

love cassidy's new dress. adorable. toby looks so much like dave its' unbelievable. this, of course, is not news to you guys, but looking at these most recent pictures it just struck me!you guys look well. keep climbing and keep writing!

Caroline said...
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katebarclay said...

So great to "travel along with you guys!" Aren't little girls the funniest? Toby really does look like you, Dave. Those meyer genes are heavy weights, even if they are blonde hair, blue eyed! I'm going for my last chemotherapy on Thursday, 12/06/07 and should have hair by Xmas!! whee Will try to send ya'll a pic. Have an amazing month.
Love you all, Kate (katie) Barclay, remember Dave, that wedding invitation you didn't recognize!!! :-P


Nice to know that folks are reading the blog. It is great to hear from friends and to see your comments. Life is good and muy tranquilo aqui.