Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Isla Taboga

1. Isla Taboga from the ferry
2. walking the ¨streets¨ of the island
3. Boys on the island beach with Panama City in the backgroun

4. Looking out at the Isla T bay from a town park.
We chose to spend a day or two at Isla Taboga because we wanted a little Pacific Beach time, it is close the city and we really didnt want to spend much time in the city proper. IN fact, we never made it into the city itself which was fine with all of us. The island was alot cooler than the city though still warm. It is a really quaint place with no roads, just wide sidewalks that the islands 4 taxi trucks barely squeeze down. We stayed at a B&B Cerro Tropical way up on a hillside above town which had nice evening breezes. We paid for a room but got moved into an apartment for the same price. Unfortunately our stove and hot water didnt work but we ended up cooking in the main kitchen one night. We were only supposed to be there for one night be lucked out and someone cancelled for the 2nd night. We were all tired of moving around and werent relishing going back into the heat. We had planned on taking the Panama Canal Train from PC to Colon then touring Portobello but had just learned upon arrival that it didnt run on weekends so that option was out. Staying on the island was a great second choice and allowed us to spend ALL of Saturday on the beach. It is a beautiful beach that looks across at the skyline of PC. Tons of fish close to shore - even saw a sting ray, then took awhile convincing kids it wasnt a sting ray to get them back in the water! (but it was!) We took the Sunday morning ferry back to the city so we could see the canal locks. Ended up going to a really great marine exhibit just next to the ferry dock on the Amador causeway that sticks out into the Pacific and is made from fill from the canal. Then had lunch out there too. The causeway has a great wide bike path along it and next to our restaraunt they rented these multiperson canopied bikes. We decided it would be a great way to get to our hotel so we rented one and piled on our our luggage (tied on the back and roof!) We got lots of funny looks and smiles on the 2 mile ride to the hotel. But man was it HOT and MUGGY! The kids and I checked into our very american style hotel at the end of the causeway and jumped immediately into their huge pool overlooking the canal but poor dave had to bike the rig back to the rental place and then walk to the hotel. We was very wet when he got back an hour later!! Then we went out to the locks, saw 3 ships go through and headed back. The hotel actually had a TGI Fridays next to it so we got take out and ate by the pool letting the kids swim until almost 8! Next morning we flew to San Jose via David. Phew!!

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