Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lots to do here!

This weekend, Jan 11, I went for an early morning hike in the Monteverde Reserve with a new friend from the school, Kirk. Hiked for 3 hours and saw almost every trail there including a beautiful waterfall, the continental divide, great cloud forest habitat, and a Quetzal!! I knew Dave would be totally jealous if his nonbirding spouse got to see one and he didnt so I told it to stay put. The kids and Dave showed up to meet me at 11 and I took them to the same tree right away. Fortunately it was still there so we all got to see it! To hidden and far to get a picture but very cool to see. We also saw a troop of Congo monkeys and a coati mundi. We then did about a 3 mile hike with the kids through the forest which they were totally excited about. There is a hanging bridge that takes you through the upper canopy )see photo) which was really neat for them. Toby is going to work on a blog page about what he has learned about the rain and cloud forests while we are in FL with a quicker internet connection. Stay tuned!

That night we actually got a babysitter, a new student at the school who is from CO and the kids ADORED her! We went out to dinner with Kirk and Maury from school and came home at 8 the kids were rocketing around with her in extremely high spirits. they were having so much fun they forgot to have dessert! which is pretty much unheard of!

The next day we went horseback riding at some friends of Milton´s place down valley somewhat. We rode for an hour down to a natural hot springs they have built up next to a raging river. This time Toby rode with Dave and liked it more. At the end he and Cass both rode a little by themselves and were very proud. It was a steep trail but the horses were strong and knew what they were doing. It was beautiful and very fun. Super nice family. They brought their 5 month old who slept the whole time on the horse and laughed at our kids in the pool. On the way back toby spotted a white faced monkey that then climbed down from its tree and ran across the field which Ive never seen before. Overall very awesome weekend!

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