Saturday, March 29, 2008

Off to the Estancia

Horses at the local beach in our village. Our house in Los Coihues
Tomorrow morning we head out of Bariloche by bus to the cow town of Zapala, as opposite to the touristy Bariloche as you can get in this part of Argentina. We will meet Ashley, the owner of the ranch we are going to, there tomorrow night. Monday morning we head by car or taxi to the trailhead and then onto horses for the 3 hour ride into the ranch. If you find Zapala on a map of Argentina (pretty much straight north of Bariloche), the ranch is to the east on the border with Chile. We dont know too much about what our life will be like on the ranch except that it is a combination cattle ranch, dude ranch. We will be helping out with gardening work, construction, cattle ranching and basically whatever needs doing. We will have a little 2 bedroom adobe house of our own with a wood cookstove, fireplace and no electricty (the water generator is broken for the ranch). There is a satellite phone there for emergencies but otherwise no communications. We will likely come out for a resupply at some point during the month and will send an update if possible. Otherwise we are planning on coming out at the end of April (maybe coming out on my birthday so I can go straight to a winery for the day!!) and going to Mendoza for the last month of our trip. Of course, anything could change! Have a great month. Love to all!!


Kit said...

What a wonderful adventure. Happy ranching in Argentina and happy birthday, Shannon. Love, Kit

misty said...

I'm hoping you all are doing okay, we are having a hard time thinking about anything but about our year away ...

I have been hearing about the volcano in Chili and can't tell if ya'll are close, I'm afraid you might be.

Otter is sad and mad that he's not going to see Toby and Cassidy before we leave, but maybe we will.

Happy birthday Shannon. Hope the ranch was great.

We thought about you when we heard about Lathrop, sorry ... its just really sad and is awful.

I just found your site, I hope you don't mind the comment - what awesome adventures.
misty and family