Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Smiths Visit!

This post goes with the end of the previous post, the formatting got screwed up and the two got combined. Here are some pictures of my parents visit with us.

1) nana and pop and kids by our lake, 2) our rainy hike up Laguna Negra, 3) kids in arrayanes forest, 4) refugio above El Bolson 5) Nana and Cass on the boat tour

Dave and I also got a chance for an all day hike during their visit. Of course it was the first day of rain in about 30 days but we were still happy to be out and in the mountains. It has been really hot and sunny so it was actually nice to be cool and wet. We hiked up to a Refugio at a high alpine lake and were soaked and cold when we arrived. Their mountain hut system is like that in Europe, it is very civilized to be able to order hot chocolate after 8 miles of uphill hiking!!

Another highlight of their visit was an Asado or traditional Argentinian meat grill that we did in our backyard with heavy assistance by our landlords. The meat was delicious and the cultural exchange great and you would not believe the quantity of meat the Cassidy put into her tiny body!!!

We also started our spanish classes with Spanish in the Mountains, a school run by four outdoor focused women who lead 7 day treking and spanish classes. We are limited to classes at our house with our fabulous teacher Silve and the kids so far play well while we do an hour and half class three times a week. Toby will also take a few more classes, Cassidy probably not!

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Darryl said...

Pig? Cow? Llama?

Glad you gys are well. Interim has just begun, with the usual assortment of last minute issues. I'm psyched to be watching Koichi teach the bike frame interim again. Susan and I are off to California for break, hoping for deep powder or corn?

Best to you all,